Youth Choir

Because of the success of PhilsHarmonics and the level of enquiries received from under 16's, Philippa Kitchen decided to launch PhilsHarmonics Youth Choir in Sept 2013.

The Youth Choir is available for ages 6-15, we rehearse on Wednesday evenings from 6-7 in Rhosesmor Village Hall, Flintshire.

The Youth Choir is designed to encourage singing as part of a group from a young age, incorporating, harmonies, solos and call and answer techniques.

We begin the sessions with a basic warm-up and some technique learnt through fun!

Singing is a great way to build confidence, and self esteem...and to do it as part of a group is an even greater achievement. The children are allowed to choose the songs they sing with the guidance of Philippa, which again makes it more fun and appealing to them!

The Youth Choir team up with the Adult Choir for some performances and solo parts are offered to children when they are ready.

If this seems like something you child would be interested in then please get in touch.

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