Vocal Tots Comes to town!

PhilsHarmonics Rock and Youth Choir are pleased to announce our new venture Vocal Tots.

Vocal Tots is a program designed for children aged between 3&6 introducing them to structured music through singing!

We will be using a combination of Kodaly techniques with our own twist!

Music from a young age has so many advantages, not only building confidence and developing social skills it boosts them academically. It uses the same parts of the brain that they use for reading, maths and emotional development.

Participation in music at an early age can help improve a childs learning ability and memory by stimulating different patterns of brain development.

The Kodaly approach was designed to teach music and singing in such a way that it is not torture and is enjoyable for the students….

If your child(ren) enjoy singing/dancing and playing percussion instruments then this class is for them!!

Classes start in Rhosesmor Village Hall Wednesday April 15th at 4-4.45pm

Costs are £25 paid upfront each half term (based on a 6 week half term)

PhilsHarmonics Youth Choir is based in Rhosesmor village Hall on Wednesdays 6-7pm

Our Youth Choir is the next step up, where not only are the children still learning rhythm techniques, co-ordination and theory through singing, they also learn how to harmonise. Our sessions are full of fun and energy and modern pop songs.

Our Youth Choir age is 7-15.

Costs are £15 per month paid over 12 months

If you have any queries then please contact us on our contact page